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About Us
Edwing Valentino Matos
June 2, 1980 - February 27, 2010
Edwing Matos worked for Denara, Inc., with our Northern Investigative Associates division from September 15, 2004 until February 27, 2010.  Edwing was a dedicated employee, loving father of two and an overall amazing person.  He will forever be missed by our staff but most certainly will NEVER be forgotten by anyone who knew him.

Edwing’s death, while tragic as it is was is the entire reason, the cornerstone and driving force for the ALASKA PRETRIAL SERVICES Division.  Both Edwing and the owner Dennis Johnson were involved in an off duty shooting on February 27, 2010 at 6:18 p.m. in south Anchorage that left Edwing mortally wounded.  Terrance Clyde Gray shot and killed Edwing and attempted to shoot and kill owner Dennis Johnson.  Mr. Gray was out at the time on felony bail for another crime when he committed this horrible act and was not with a third party custodian.

ALASKA PRETRIAL SERVICES is dedicated to the memory of Edwing and making sure no one ever has to go through what we as co-workers, victims and family have had to endure since his death.

"Each day is a gift, each breath is a miracle and we need to live our lives as such. If we are blessed with another day each morning we wake, we need to share our blessings and help our fellow humans so we can better the communities we live in. A great man once said. Do unto to others as we would have done unto us. This event has changed my life FOREVER and I am dedicated to helping others so that no one may have to go through the pain of loss my family and I live each day.”

  - Dennis H. Johnson
Alaska Pretrial Services Program Director

To follow this case you can go to ...... http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/eservices/?x=xFR4tMYTXSWtuye-1LpXGGbCjiY-DTfdUzxSBrlMQzh1ajSeXDxap0zj1va71X2d 
and type Case Number 3AN-10-2702CR and reference Terence C. Gray.  The (4) four Year anniversary of Edwing's Murder just passed on February 27, 2014, this case has still not gone to trial making this one of the oldest murder cases on the Alaska Superior Court Docket.