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ALASKA PRETRIAL SERVICES is Alaskan owned and operated and was founded as a tool to assist the criminal justice system with accurate pre-release information, provide innovative programs and services as tools to judicial officers for pretrial release decisions.  APS strives to improve public safety through effective compliance monitoring of defendants in a pretrial environment.

The program also provides Defendants in a pre-trial setting alternatives to a Physical “Third Party Custodian” so they may continue to work and remain productive during the pre-trial phase of their judicial process.  Alaska Pretrial Services covers the entire State of Alaska and has Defendant’s that reside from Juneau to Barrow.  Our “North Slope” program allows Defendant’s on pre-trial bail release to continue their rotation work schedule on the North Slope of Alaska.

APS Defendant Compliance Management incorporates a variety of services and other compliance management tools to ensure that the defendant is complying with court ordered pretrial conditions of release.

APS can provide supervision throughout the State of Alaska and the lower 48 with its real time, active GPS / cellular ankle monitors. We have offices in Wasilla, Kenai and Fairbanks with our main office located in Anchorage. You can navigate to our “contact us” page and contact any of our offices for information you may need.

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