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an Alaskan owned and operated Non-Profit serving the Alaska Community
                                            APS SERVICES
ALASKA PRETRIAL SERVICES is dedicated to Public Safety, Victim Safety, Community Awareness and Rehabilitative Re-Entry in to our Alaska community. Our programs are based on Responsibility, Accountability services needed to maintain a safe, structured and monitored pre-trial release while on bail. The following are some of the services we offer...
  1. Court Third Party Custodian Release Programs
  2. Active 24/7 GPS/Cellular Offender Monitoring
  3. Active 24/7 Alcohol Offender Monitoring
  4. Remote Monitoring Programs for Rural Alaska Residents and Employment
  5. Management and Administration of UA Drug & PBT Alcohol Testing
  6. Phone and In-Office Check-in by Defendants
  7. Agency Coordination with other criminal justice services
  8. Curfew Monitoring & Verification
  9. Continued Verification of Residence
  10. Random Home & Work Visits
  11. Implementation of Safety Plans designed to protect alleged victims and the public
  12. Compliance Reporting for Courts, Probation and Prosecuting Attorneys